Thursday, April 12, 2012


I wrote about a little girl being rescued by a beautiful family in yesterday's post.   They have asked God's people to join in the joy of rescuing a daughter of the King from a fortress of hell.

And God's people?  Oh, my lands.

$29,000 in less than a day has been raised.  Not just for her, but for the other children in the orphanage, too.

The Lord is going to rescue a remnant and display His glory and His goodness through the faithful hearts and willing hands of His people.

Family.  He sets the lonely in families, and makes of families room in their lonely hearts that felt full for another.

So in awe.  In awe of His immeasurable goodness, His provision, His mercy, compassion and abiding love.  So astonished to watch beauty unfold from ashes.  To see the oil of gladness pour out on one so needing and a family so willing.

For such a day as yesterday, I have to imagine the heavens resounding with joyful noise as rejoicing raised the roof and the rescue of a single lamb brought the very King to the edge of His throne in delight and gladness.

"The Lord your God is with you!  HE is MIGHTY to save.  He takes GREAT joy and delight in you.  He dances over you and sings songs of gladness as on a day of festival."  - Zephaniah 3:17

Watched that verse walked out in real life, jumping from the pages of the Word in to the world of the Word.  God here and now.  God active and VERY much alive.

Oh, glory.

The image of a harvest of beauty and plenty filled my thoughts today.  Arms laden, the Salem's come bearing a harvest of righteousness and true and lasting treasure.

SO blessed to watch this unfold and be the smallest of smallest in helping them bring their beauty home to lodge not just in their hearts but in their home, too.

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